Scaredy Rat
Appearance: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Games where they appear: Super Mario
Origin: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
 Scaredy Rats are enemies appearing in some Mario games, but they cause RAGE in Paper Mario Sticker Star.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Although in most Mario Games they're easy, in this game they cause a lot of RAGE. They're still easy and really weak enemies, but one of their attacks is extremely RAGE inducing: they steal a random sticker. Sometimes they can steal useless ones like Worn-Out Hammer, but if they take a rare one, like a Flashy Infinijump, they can be a lot RAGE inducing.


  • Their stealing property is the only thing that makes they stronger than Goombas.
  • They can be really annoying in one of the battles with Boos, because that Boo fights with 2 Scaredy Rats.

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