The method of attacking Blockhead

The Blockheads are enemies from the Capcom game Okami for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStarion 4 and Xbox One.

Causes of RAGEEdit

Okami - Blockhead Grande

Okami - Blockhead Grande

The infamous Blockhead Grande. NOTE: The player in the video used a camera to record Blockhead Grande's spots to more easily defeat him.

Blockheads, unlike regular enemies, have to be defeated by headbutting into them, then use The Celestial Brush to mark they're weak points. The reasons why this is RAGE inducing is because the player has to paint the dots at the EXACTLY correct locations, in the EXACTLY correct order. If the player fails, they have to dodge Blockhead's rocks, and after several tries, the player's companion, Issun, will begin to remind the player to headbutt the Blockhead and paint it's weak points. The slow pace between each try makes the Blockhead fights even more RAGE inducing.


  • Blockhead Grande is the primary reason many Okami players still haven't collected every stray bead.
  • It appears that Blockhead are actually on the villain side, since when the player learns of the Ark of Yamato, a Blockhead can be seen among the hordes of demons attacking the Celestials onboard the Ark.
  • In another Capcom game called Lost Planet 2, it is possible to obtain a Nom De Guerre (the player's title), in the "Infamy" category, called Blockhead. This means Capcom KNOWS how infamous Blockhead is!